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Our commitment


The service range we provide at INTERWORLD CARGO S.A. is the reflect of its recognized career, its development and its constant evolution in business. We bring clarity on complex projects.
The key to be recognized by clients and colleagues is the same foundation of our vision as a company and what we expect from our associates: respect, client focus, financial responsibility and a positive attitude.
INTERWORLD CARGO S.A. wil be the safe partner you are looking for to rely your business on.

Our vision

INTERWORLD CARGO S.A. was established to be customer oriented with the highest level on freight services.
Our vision is to be recognized for helping our customers reach their goals in a globally challenging market. The vast experience of our team guarantees reliability and the know-how that your project requires.
By choosing INTERWORLD CARGO S.A. you have selected experts that will assist you and lead you in all aspects of your project, meticulously and proactively committed. 


We recommend to pay for your services through check or by making a deposit into our bank account.
Check should be made to INTERWORLD CARGO S.A. and our bank account details are:
Banco Santander Rio
Pesos current account Nº 132-3078/2
CBU: 0720132120000000307822
US Dolars current account Nº 132-11362/5
CBU: 0720132121000001136255

THE CLIENT will make effective his purchase to his supplier overseas and nominates Interworld Cargo as his freight forwarder

Our agent in the country of origin will contact the supplier to coordinate the shipment.
We check the date of delivery of the merchandise and match the amounts reported by our client.
We make the booking for the agreed conveyance.
Goods are packed and shipped.
We track the load at all times and inform the customer about the status.
In case of having different shipments (of suppliers and origin), the information is delivered in sheets specially designed for the customer to know in a summarized and accessible way the status of all shipments.

We request and control the source documentation, sending the client a copy of these documents for confirmation.
Once cargo has arrived, we notify the importer.

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